To contact the volunteers who organise Ficheall.ie events simply email ficheallbunscoilechorcai@gmail.com

Organisation Structure

The organisation structure of Ficheall.ie is that of an association with chairperson, secretary and executive committee.

Volunteers 2018-2019


  • Cork Education Support Centre
  • West Cork Education Centre
  • Kildare Education Centre
  • Navan Education Centre
  • Wexford Education Centre
  • Waterford Teacher Centre



Vision and Policies

Ficheall.ie Guiding Statement

Ficheall.ie Tournament Rules & Guidelines 2019

Financial Statement 30 June 2018

Ficheall Conflict of Interest Policy

Ficheall.ie Child Safeguarding Statement

Chess Child Safeguarding 2018-2019

Ficheall.ie Data Protection Policy

Ficheall.ie Data Protection Policy


Ficheall Bunscoile Chorcaí founded in September 2017 by five primary principals and teachers.

In 2017/2018 the initiative attracted the interest of 38 Cork primary schools. 4 Regional tournaments were organised involving 592 students. A follow-on competitive tournament was organised for the chess teams who performed exceptionally well at these tournaments. In total 2,244 chess games were played.

In September 2018 the name of the initiative was changed to Ficheall.ie as teachers and schools outside of Cork declared an interest. A website of the same name was established with many chess teaching resources available and to act as the central point of communication.

In November 2018 association structure was formally adopted with chairperson, secretary and executive committee positions appointed.

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