Benefits of Chess was founded by a group of primary school teachers and principals who witnessed first-hand the social and cognitive benefits chess has for their students. Teachers and principals involved in have witnessed how students have been enabled to develop patience, impulse-control, resilience and simple social skills such as shaking hands, not gloating after a win and making conversation.

Resilience and Mental Fitness

BeWell-DoWell provide resilience and mental fitness workshops and are just one of the organisations promoting the work of and chess in schools.

BeWell-DoWell have developed a preventative and accessible model for prioritising well-being and mental fitness in the whole school community. The workshops provide schools with practical and evidence-based strategies and a comprehensive list of resources for further support. BeWell-Do-Well outline how small changes can have a significant impact in building a strong social and emotional foundation for our students and the adults in their lives.


A charity in the UK, Chess in Schools and Communities (CSC) has been promoting chess in primary schools in recent years:

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