Chess Lessons

A chess teacher must first make sure they have enough chess sets. A demonstration board (“demo board”) is also recommended. Check our the Chess Resources page for more info on this.

Learning the Basics Through Mini-Games

Below are some lesson plans and video tutorials created by Liam Murray and Brendan Buckley. The lesson plans and videos are not exactly in sync but are mapped here according to the piece for your convenience. Its up to you which approach to use: one, both or mix and match as you see fit. Before teaching a particular piece/topic it is useful to look at both. The lesson plans are short and concise with diagrams included and the videos are no more than two minutes in length each.

Piece/ Topic Primary Chess Workshop

Lesson Plans

Liam Murray


Video Tutorials

Brendan Buckley

Chess Mini-Game Slides
Pawn Lesson 1 – The Pawn Game Pawn Wars
Rook Lesson 2 – Rook Challenge

Cat & Mouse Rooks

Rook Rout


Lesson 3 – Radioactive Horse Poo

Lesson 4 – The Dark Knight Game

Cat & Mouse Knights
Bishop Lesson 5 – Bishops Rule

Cat & Mouse Bishop

Super Cats

Queen Lesson 6 – Team v’s Queen Killer Queen 
King Lesson 7 – The King King & Pawn Wars
All Pieces Lesson 8 – Early Chess Total Wipeout
Check and Checkmate Slides
Check Lesson 9 – CPR

CPR – Interactive lesson

Bishop Battle
Checkmate Lesson 10 – Checkmate with puzzles

Queen and Rook Mate – Interactive

Queen & Rook Mate


Castling Castling

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