Tournaments organise fun and friendly one-day inter-school chess tournaments. These tournaments provide a focus for teachers to promote chess in primary schools during the winter months. place an emphasis on teamwork and students representing their schools at these tournaments. These tournaments are called Regional Tournaments.

To best assess if your students are ready for a Regional Tournament see the document below:

Ready for Regionals Checklist are currently accepting registrations from schools in Waterford and Wexford for tournaments in March 2019.

Register with here.

Regional Tournaments

A chess team consists of eight students and schools are welcome to enter up to four chess teams if they wish. No individual awards or team prizes are given at a Regional Tournament. Instead schools who enter teams are presented with a Certificate of Participation to celebrate the school making chess available to the students in their school.

A Regional Tournament typically starts at 9.30am and finishes at 2pm. All chess players participate in six chess matches individually against players from other chess teams. ask teachers promoting chess in their school to hand over naming the team to the students involved. As many schools choose to enter more than one team we discourage schools from labelling their teams as “Team A”, “Team B”, etc. encourage schools to dress their chess team(s) in their school colours or jerseys to mark a student’s achievement in being selected to represent their school.

Tournament Format & Rules

Schools are welcome to enter up to four chess teams into a Regional Tournament if they wish. Teams can be entered into the following sections:

Section Class Level
Masters 5th & 6th Class
Budding Masters (Buds) 3rd & 4th Class
Future Masters (Futures) 1st & 2nd Class ensure there is an experienced chess arbiter at each tournament. The chess arbiter uses the Swiss Perfect computer program which ensures that players play others of a similar playing level to them. tournaments typically start at 9.30am and finish at 2pm. This time includes 3 chess matches followed by 30 minutes for lunch followed by 3 more chess matches. Time is also set aside at the end of the day for group photos and presentation of a Certificate of Participation to each school.

Chess games typically last for 20 minutes. If checkmate is not achieved after 20 minutes then the chess value system is used to decide on a result. A player is deemed to have one if the player has pieces of a value that is 3 points or more greater than their opponent. A difference of 2, 1 or 0 points is deemed a draw.

For more information on tournament rules and protocols download the document below. Tournament Rules & Guidelines 2019

Competitive Tournaments

When a number of Regional Tournaments have taken place in a particular county/area organise Competitive Tournaments. These tournaments run very similar to the Regional Tournaments and serve as an outlet for chess teams of a high playing ability to meet and compete with one another.

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